Clipping Path Services

New Graphics Bangladesh (NGBD) is the internationally provided Clipping Path Service that has been working with lot of world famous outsources vendor, media, fashion, printing, e-commerce, photography, and other organizations for the last 5 years. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled image editors who are giving their quality work for the clipping path service skill. At this time, we can provide 2,000 images per everyday and the standard turnaround time is 8-24 hours or soon. Before on-boarding as a customer, anyone can send us free trial button with completed online form bellow:

Category of Clipping Path Services:

There are 6 important categories of clipping path services normally base on the working procedures, complexity, target products or item images are as describe below:

Super Complex Clipping Paths:

Super Complex Clipping Paths

Super Complex Clipping path is applied on a wide range of products with around double hole, complexity, fence, gate like shape, vertical and horizontal zigzag design that requires large number of paths and anchor points. For example- fence, multiple doll, group photos with flying hair involve group or single decorative chain, group shot hair path, group bracelets, furry doll, gate of buildings, trees etc.

Multiple Clipping Paths:

Super Complex Clipping Paths

Multi clipping path service is the client can change individual section of an image in terms of enhancing or changing color point, various fillings, opacity, size, rotation, filters, effects, and more. Items or product images that require Multi Clipping Path are e-commerce products, fashion catalog, web template, and more.

Complex Clipping Paths:

Complex Clipping Paths

Complex clipping path is functional to images of mix and complex shapes, designs or group images, these products four or more holes/rooted transparency and many blocked paths. It is functional to different products such as metal chain, group player, corporate furniture, group earrings, Wooly doll, and ornaments, net, set images, bi-cycle etc.

Medium Clipping Paths:

Complex Clipping Paths

Medium clipping path includes two or more holes and designs on images with many curves. The number of anchor points here is higher than the simple clipping path. These images may have more entrenched clearness (holes). It is performed on more shoe or group any simple clipping picture.

Simple Clipping Paths:

Simple Clipping Paths

Simple clipping path is applied to curved items or products with some hole such as garment products which normally need 8-12 minutes to finish the path use by Pen Tool. In simple clipping path the number of curves and anchor points of the path which is more than the basic clipping path. Products list is chair, T-shirt, bottle, ring etc.

Basic Clipping Paths:

Simple Clipping Paths

Basic clipping path is the primary type which normally needs 5-7 minute to finish the path. It is usually requires a single path with mostly straight curves, since the photo does not have any holes in the inside of photo. This method applied to around, rectangular, and very small curved shaped item such as egg, cup, any mobile, ceramic or metal plate, ring, single book, spoon etc.