Photoshop Color Correction

New Graphics Bangladesh (NGBD) is played a dominating role to provide the best and exclusive color separation services around the entire globe. Color Separation services can be done or depends on the following three processes:
Simulated Process:

The technique of simulated process covers while offering the full capability to the entire image with dark or light colors. Eventually, twelve basic colors may be used for ordering any sort of exact combinations.

Process Color:

Process color is a kind of color separation option which makes hand adjustable or screen printed specific profiles for getting the best optimal results. Ultimately, a wide white screen is highly recommended for controlling raising dots for lighter color. Another great way for customizing the colors matching or print stability is the usage of bump plates. It is mainly being used to process the colors for white garments.

Custom Colors:

It’s another color separation process which is great to use for isolating the colors which is finally required for a particular image manipulation execution and for creating total separation according to the order. Custom colors can also be applied in order to all kind of colors outside of the primary and simulated process.
Simply, it can be said that New Graphics Bangladesh (NGBD) is the most unique source for providing the best and exclusive color separation services.

Professional Photo Retouching

Images Masking Sample 4:

Images Masking Sample 4

Images Masking Sample 3:

Images Masking Sample 4

Images Masking Sample 2:

Images Masking Sample 2

Images Masking Sample 1:

Images Masking Sample 2